Busan’s Bid for the EXPO 2030 BUSAN
Bid for the EXPO 2030 BUSAN
  • Schedule
  • May.1.2030 - October.31.2030 (184 days)
  • Site
  • Busan North Port Area, Korea
  • Theme
  • Transforming Our World, Navigating Toward a Better Future
Transforming Our World,
Navigating Toward a Better Future
While the development of technology and the economy has been pursued as the way for better and happier lives, humankind is also facing unprecedented global challenges of climate crisis, the pandemic and digital divide. Dramatic and fundamental change, therefore, is called for to address them. To achieve this goal, Busan aims to host the World EXPO 2030 with the main theme of “Transforming Our World, Navigating Toward a Better Future”.
Under the main theme, sub-themes have been selected to address the three following global challenges: 1) climate change; 2) downsides of the digital transformation; and 3) inequality among and within nations. Each sub-theme correlates with the three pillars of the UN SDGs - people, planet, and prosperity.
Planet, Prosperity, People
  • Sustainable Living with Nature
    In the face of climate change and environmental degradation driven by rapid industrialization and economic development, the World EXPO 2030 Busan aims to serve as a platform to develop solutions to promote ‘sustainable life with nature’.
  • Technology for Humanity
    It will also present ways to implement and utilize future technologies to enrich our lives and provide solutions for a number of social issues such as digital alienation, digital divide, etc.
Platform for Caring and Sharing ‘People’
It will provide an opportunity for humanity to navigate toward a better future by discussing ways to address various forms of inequalities among nations and within nations and ways to create a global social safety net.
Special attention for developing countries
Korea will make the World EXPO 2030 Busan an opportunity to share with other countries its unprecedented story of transformation to a donor from a recipient in just half a century.
Various forms of assistance will be provided for developing countries, including the construction of pavilions; arrangement of pre-events; provision of communications as well as operating, travel and lodging expenses, to name a few.
The One and Only,
World EXPO 2030 Busan, Korea
The World EXPO 2030 Busan will provide an opportunity for all participants to recognize global challenges and give thought to the environment and new ways of life for humankind.
The audience will become compelling witnesses to a new future as a transformation unfolds around the world before their eyes in real-time utilizing new technologies, such as AI, IoT and 6G.
The World Expo 2030 Busan will be a truly global festival, open to all. The journey we embark on will take us beyond the current crisis to usher in a new future for humanity and the entire globe.
Busan, which is at the center of Korean transformation, will set a new course toward a better tomorrow for the Earth and for humanity.